Thank you for searching us out. The Craftsman’s™ web site is a small compilation of what we are currently making. I hope you find our work worthy of your consideration. If you would like something that is not shown, please contact me personally. “Custom orders don’t upset us.”

I registered the trademark and name The Craftsman™ almost 40 years ago. At that time there was little real interest in Arts & Crafts (Mission) Furniture. As a statement of my personal philosophy, I believed that my shop could and would build furniture that would be “functional art.” To quote William Morris, “Objects should be not only functional, but should be beautiful.”

At age 20 I first read the first 11 lines below which is an excerpt from Mary Fanton Roberts, manging editor of The Craftsman magazine, in the April 1916 issue of The Craftsman magazine. 

These lines have formed and sustained my philosophy of business and art -- a few sentences that made me want to be more than I was and to search for more ideas to design and build.

“A man sat alone in a small room in a great city building, his world had fallen in around him, hope had flown past, her wings brushing him but for an instant. For thirty years this man had worked with a single purpose—that this new kind of civilization in which he found himself might, through his efforts, become a more sane, reasonable, beautiful one. He had not preached merely by words, but by deeds. He had expressed his belief in the value of honesty and sincerity in his architecture; his desire for greater strength and beauty in his furniture.” 

I’ve never believed the “Arts & Crafts” movement ended but that it has been sustained through furniture shops such as The Craftsman™. As technology advanced, so have the tools that allied labor to art.

Nearly fifty years ago we started making furniture in most any style--from early American to Shaker to Milano. Along the way we worked in domestic woods, but also materials such as truly exotic woods and stainless steel. We have been drawn always to clean lines and the architectural qualities of design as a continuum of the human spirit. We have then applied that design philosophy to home and work spaces.

The furniture we produce is intended to be heirloom quality. It is meant to be appreciated for generations.

All of the work shown on The Craftsman’s™ web site is available for purchase, marked with our shops trademark. Furniture collectors will appreciate the quality of the pieces, as well as the legacy they imply.

Thanks again for finding us,

The Craftsman™ “and all the name implies”

~Ron Cosser